Hello there! I must say that all I want with this article is positivity for you guys.
So, if you by any chance feel that this article is bad, please, tell me about it so I can make some adjustments.

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Back in 2014, I was a very different place mentally than I'm now. Depression and anxiety were probably at my highest.

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Because of my lack of confidence and self - esteem, I didn't have much of a personality. I hated my life a lot. Every day I would ask myself: why was I even brought up to this world if I have to suffer.

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The thing is, I didn't know how to cope with my feelings, as I do now.

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So, eventually, I stopped feeling at all...

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That is when I started cutting... (PLEASE, DO NOT CUT YOURSELF, I BEG YOU, THIS IS NOT A CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO GETTING BETTER OR EVEN FEELING) I believed, if I didn't feel anything emotionally I might at least feel the pain.

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I wanted to die. To end it all. To take my own life.

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But you know what? I didn't.

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It's almost 2019, I'm soon to be uni freshman, moving to the UK. I have friends, I attend parties, I flirt and laugh and make lame jokes. I have visited so many countries in the past few years. I accomplished so many great things.

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There were ups and downs through all this time, but...

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I'm alive.

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It does get better, even if you cry if you hate everything and you feel like death is a choice, IT'S NOT.

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It does get better. You make it better if you go there and do YOU. If you just hold a little bit more and try harder.

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All the things that were given to you are given because you are capable of surviving it.

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If I did it, so can you!

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