Greetings my beautiful readers!

Guess what?

It is almost CHRISTMAS!!!

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But you already knew that.

I apologize for not posting in a while – twenty days actually…

But that is why I love all of you my patient readers!

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With a break from college, my holiday season officially started. Even though it will be short (only two weeks) after which I will have to study hard because exams are approaching, I am not letting it spoil my Christmas spirit.


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There is something so magical about Christmas. It is important to me because of my religion. But it is not just about that. There is something so warm around my heart when the family is gathered. And when w ego to visit grandma and grandpa day after Christmas. And watching Christmas themed movies – yes, Nightmare Before Christmas is counted in.

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This is basically me looking at our Christmas tree at home – I just can not help myself; I love it

And Christmas Eve - when the entire house smells of freshly baked cookies and we put final decorations to make the visual part of Christmas spirit complete. And then I go to Midnight Mass, usually with my dad and my brother.

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Of course, the entire family will go to mass on Christmas morning.

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And I also watch A Very Supernatural Christmas - because, to a devoted SUPERNATURAL fan, that is practically, a tradition (and I need my dose of that TV show before the hiatus ends).

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I hope you guys spend Christmas with your loved ones and in happiness and bliss.

Before we part, I want to present you a little Christmas poem.

*Night Before Christmas*
It is night, snow is falling,
And all will be white by morning.
It is Christmas Eve,
Time for love to share and receive.
Smell of cooked wine comes from barrels,
And from everywhere you can hear Christmas carols.
It is cold, but you almost do not feel,
From all that warmth, every wound starts to heal.
Smiles become wider with every Christmas card,
No matter what - to remain a Grinch, is just too hard.
Cookies` smell fills the air,
Not to try them would be unfair.
Warm milk, cocoa or tea,
Drink whichever feels to thee.
For this is the night we wait,
So do not be afraid to stay up too late.
And in the morning, when sun strokes your face,
Quick! Get up, and run to your parents` embrace!
Good wishes, love and joy, wherever you step, throw,
And for those who are not around, well, for that you have a phone.
No child can not hide joy,
Seeing under the tree, a wished toy.
But it is not about presents, this Christmas day,
It is about a little boy, born so many years ago today.
And if you listen very close, you may hear angels sing,
To every heart bliss and joy they bring.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Wishing you all very merry Christmas!

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`Till the next article,
Yours truly,