Good evening, everyone, this is the second day of this cute and interesting challenge and it is my favourite theme about things that make me happy ♥
So, let's start:
• The first and the most important thing in my life is family, friends and my boyfriend, because i love them more than everything
• The second thing is music. Our lives would be sad without it and I can't imagine my morning and trips in silence
• There I must write about films and TV series as Gossip Girl, Sex And The City, Game Of Thrones and many others ♥ Without it my life would be different and empty
• It could be strange, but i can't live without tasty smells such as perfume, milk for body, shower gels and shampoo. Like any girl I like all that i can to smear on my body :)))
• And the last important thing is FOOD. IT REALLY MAKES ME HAPPY. Any terrible day can be happy with TASTY and DELICIOUS food. I really Love IT!!!

01. "Explain the meaning of your name"
02. "A list of five things that make you happy"
03. "Five fears that you have"
04. "Two memories"
05. "Five places you want to visit"
06. "Five facts about yourself"
07. "If you could run away, where would you go?"
08. "Five of your fabourite movies"
09. "Your five favourite drinks/foods"
10. "Something you are excited about"
11. "Letter to your 8 year-old self
12. "List of your three favourite tv series"
13. "List of your three favourite books"
14. "Describe your style"
15. "What would you do if you won the lottery"
16. "Five things to be grateful for"
17. "Your five favourite apps"
18. "Write a review"
19. "Write about happiness"
20. "Write a summer bucket list"
21. "Write about your passions"
22. "Write about a dream you had"
23. "Write a page of a diary"
24. "Make a list of things you always postpone"
25. "Write about a place in which you felt happy"
26. "Make a alist of your favourite works of art"
27. "Write about a first time"
28. "Describe free things you're doing right now"
29. "Write about three projects for the next month"
30. "Write about all the good things that happened during these thirty days"