Hi hearters!

I was thinking about my new years resolutions and I realised that I really want to start being more active on @weheartit. I'd like to think that I was pretty active last year as well, but I didn't really post any content myself and I was mainly just reposting other pictures and articles. That's okay ofcourse but in 2019 I personally want to do more.
I'm not going to wait until the first of january to actually put out my first article, so here I am, writing one. Since it's the end of the year I'm going to look back at the trips I made in 2018.

vacations of 2018

I love travelling. We have a mobilhome so my family and I leave whenever we can :)

  • My first trip was a little roadtrip with my dad to go skiing for a day! We stayed in the country (I live in Belgium btw) and went to Longfaye.
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  • The next one is also a winter sport trip. My family and I went to Mauterndorf in Austria.
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09/02/2018 - 17/02/2018
  • In march we had a schooltrip to London. It's by far my favourite city ever and I've been there a couple times. However this year there was a lot of snow and it was sooo gorgeous I'm still not over it :') It was one of my favourite trips ever because I got to go with my friends and we got a lot of freedom from school to discover the city.
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27/02/2018 - 01/03/2018
  • My family and I went to Empuria Brava in Spain at the beginning of april. I didn't take too many pictures there since I mostly took that time to de-stress from school pressure. We finished this trip by going to the motorcross in Castelnau de Lévis.
beach, photography, and sand image Image by NoT
beginning of april I don't remember the exact date...

Now there's a pretty big gap inbetween my trips because I lost my phone this summer and lost a couple months of photos :( I know that I went to Xhoffraix a couple times since my grandparents have a little house there. I don't really count those as vacations anymore though since the place has pretty much become my second home. So throughout the entire year I go there but I'm not mentioning them since this article is already long enough. The other trips I don't remember... oops hahah

  • This one is in that house from my grandparents in Xhoffraix! I am mentioning this one because I went with my friends at the end of July for 3 days. Usually, I go with my family so this was a special one. It was so nice for me to be able to take my friends to the house that I've been going to since I was a baby. We went right after our finals, it was a nice way to keep ourselves from stressing about our results that we were getting the next week. We mainly just chilled in the house, went for a couple hikes and played fortnite.
  • Our trip through Scotland and London the biggest one I did this year and so so so pretty. There was a heatwave in Europe and we coincidentally found one of the few places where the weather was nice and gloomy. We went for about 3 weeks. It was basically a huge roadtrip since we drove a couple hours every day. We mainly drove around the entire coast of Scotland and then drove straight to London since my godfather lives there with his family and it had been a while since we last saw them. This summer the European Championships were in Glasgow so we also went there and saw a few sports. We met up with my grandparents in Glasgow because they were also there to see the Championships.
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26/07/2018 - 15/08/2018
  • We made it to my last trip of 2018, Rome. I went there with my grandparents and my twin sister. It was very spontaneous/ impulsive, we booked it 3 days before we left. My sister and I just wanted a break from school and since we had a long weekend we just felt like it was meant to be.
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13/10/2018 - 16/10/2018

I'm super grateful that I got to go on all these amazing trips with the people I love! I tried to choose my favourite pictures so I don't put it too full. If you have any questions about where I stayed and things I recommend doing or anything like that, feel free to send me a postcard and I'm happy to answer or make another article going more into detail.

Thanks for reading!

A little disclaimer, since I am from Belgium my English isn't perfect, I know <3