the breeze floats weightlessly by me
and i am struck by the pull of world

do not worry as this happens often and with glee
the breeze dances through the trees and with leaves curled
the fabric of my dreams begin to weave

in the velvet i see the shining lights of the cities
calling out to me with promises of nights i will never forget

in the wool i see the comforting warmth of a fire in the middle of northern tundra
whispering sweetly as smooth snow falls and wolves howl with abandon

in the silk i see the elegant and bright temples of the east
saying steadily that peace will find me someday

in the denim i see roaring mountain ranges and crafted canyons
shouting about the pure freedom of flight in the high and the low

in the linen i see the heated sun and beauty of past civilizations
persuading me to stay hidden beneath the sand like so many before

the breeze slows to a stop
and the dream fades away
but do not worry it will be back,
that pull of the world

- Anna