Hey! I hope your Christmas break is going well! I was looking for some DIY gifts ideas and I found amazing things that I want to share with you today! Let's start!

christmas, loading, and winter image


card, celebrate, and christmas image card and christmas image card, christmas, and celebrate image card, christmas, and celebrate image

CANDLES Decor your candles this way to make them look more festive🙈

christmas, candle, and diy image christmas, candle, and winter image

MASON JARS You can recycle old jars!

christmas, chocolate, and diy image christmas, crafts, and diy image


crafts, snowflakes, and step by step image christmas, decoration, and diy image


christmas and diy image christmas, gift, and tea image

They are beautiful, aren't they? Well, I hope you have fun doing these DIY's!

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