Dear WHI's,

Happy birthday to me!!

But, I did not make this article to talk about myself. I would love for all of you, to do something today. I love giving and getting compliments. I think the smallest comments of others can make or break your day.

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We have all had such a day where everything is going wrong: you overslept, you spilled you drink on your shirt, you were late for class (or work), had someone bump into you, had a headache/stomach ache, and just hated everyone and everything around you. But, even when the whole world seems dark, unfair and unfriendly, a little "I like your shirt", "your hair looks nice today" or "you know, you have really helped me the last couple of days", can turn around your whole day and mood.

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Therefore, I would love to ask all of you to give a compliment to someone today. Because it won't only make them feel better, you'll feel better as wel. Positive comment by positive comment we have the ability to make this world truly a beautiful place.

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So, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and you realise that you and the people around you, are quite breathtaking and beautiful.

Loads of love,

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