1. Feeling the warmth of sunlight soak into your skin when you first step outside

girl, aesthetic, and sun image bohemian, boho, and cool image

2. Sunset walks on the beach

beaches, sun, and sunrise image couple, goals, and Relationship image

3. Watching the stars on a summer evening

stars, night, and sky image stars, night, and sky image

4. Dancing in the rain

rain, love, and couple image rain, legs, and dance image

5. Concerts

aesthetic, concert, and pink image concert, imagine dragons, and band image

6. Discovering new things and places

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7. Adrenalin

fun, Roller Coaster, and vintage image sky, fly, and skydiving image

8. Listening to music while driving in the rain

car, night, and light image depression, rain, and driving image

9. Staring at the big wide world below

girl, nature, and travel image city, travel, and plane image

10. Spending time with the ones you love

friends, beach, and summer image family, christmas, and winter image

So the next time you feel like the world is against you, remember that your are loved and that life is so worth loving too