name: 백수아 ('baek soo-ah')
stage name: 시윤 ('siyun' which means rhythm and harmony)
profession soloist, singer, dancer, writer and producer
birthdate: 29 april 1999
birthplace: daegu, south korea
ethnicity: south korean
zodiac: taurus
fandom name: serenades
concept: dreamy, bubbly, minimalistic, simple, gentle
agency: jyp entertainment


asian, asian girl, and girl image faceless, ulzzang, and blonde ulzzang image girl, asian, and mirror image girl, japan, and aesthetic image

height: 5'1"
weight: 129lbs.
hair colour: naturally dark brown, dyed blonde
eye colour: naturally dark brown, wears hazel contacts
build: small frame, large chest, long legs


aesthetic, asia, and city image asia, city, and dark image korea, city, and japan image new york and city image
  • born and raised in daegu with her single father
  • her mother died of unknown causes when she was five
  • since she was little, she's adored music, a talent brought down from her father
  • as she grew older, she began writing her own songs and covering english and korean hits
  • she blew up over the internet, and many of her fans begged her to audition for a record label
  • after much consideration, she decided to audition for jyp
  • to her delight, she was accepted!
  • she was a trainee for 3 years before finally debuting at the age of 16
  • soo-ah juggles her career as a soloist with college, as she is studying in literature and history at the age of 19



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quotes and badass image flowers, quotes, and rose image Mature image Image by Zahraa A. Aljaleel

positive traits: kind, amiable, forgiving, hopeful, scholarly
negative traits: impulsive, dramatic, ditzy at times, clumsy


microphone, glitter, and music image girl and piano image book, blue, and aesthetic image girl and violin image

favourite colour: white, black, baby blue, pastel pink
favourite food: frozen yogurt
favourite drink: white chocolate mocha
favourite film/show: bee and puppycat, the office
loves: books, sleeping, marvel comics, makeup, retro games, music boxes
hates: prejudice, headaches, insomnia
skills: plays violin and piano, sings, dances, writes and is fluent in korean and english


kfashion, outfit, and style image faceless, mirror, and shadow image aesthetic, black, and city image aesthetic, faceless, and flowers image
instagram feed



Image by ☆ oliver ☆
elegant and jeweled because of soo-ah's elegant yet minimalistic concept. it also matches with her dreamy concept for its sailor moon type vibe. glows pink.

lightstick ocean:

snsd, girls generation, and pink ocean image
lovely serenades ♡


bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image han, stray kids, and JYP image stray kids, hwang hyunjin, and kpop image kpop, hyuna, and pareja image
bts' jungkook, stray kids' jisung, stray kids' hyunjin, pentagon's hyojong, and hyuna


couple, hands, and aesthetic image stray kids, bang chan, and Chan image Chan, felix, and han image asian, couple, and ulzzang image
bang chan, or "channie"


debut album, first mini album

title: sweet illusion
concept: dreamlike, bubbly, underlying dark lyrics
genre: electronica

sweet illusion (title track):
rewrite of daoko's 'girl (side a)'

alternative, asian, and asian girls image aesthetic, moon, and stars image light, art, and fireflies image fashion image
and your love was just an illusion, a fantasy created by your sick mind; falling deeper and deeper, when will I get over these hallucinations?

mix of kyary pamyu pamyu's 'candy candy' and 'ponponpon'

cherry jubilee:
mix of honeyworks' 'suki kirai' and pikasonic's 'miss you'

mix of marina and the diamonds' 'bubblegum bitch' and 'how to be a heartbreaker'

second mini album:

title: intertwined
concept: minimalistic, uplifting, gentle, elegant
genre: ballad

intertwined (title track):
rewrite of kz's 'last night, good night'

flowers, grunge, and daisy image architecture, art, and interior image flowers, aesthetic, and asian image minimal, casual, and clothes image
just take my hand, i'll lead you through the night; don't let go, let's intertwine

mix of pink's 'try' and sam smith's 'i'm not the only one'

mix of dodie's 'absolutely smitten' and 'would you be so kind?'

mix of bts' 'sea' and rm's 'tokyo'