Make A Playlist

Create a personalized playlist for your friends or family from songs you know they like and something extra based on their preferences. You can spend the whole night right before Christmas Eve on finding the perfect tracks for the list and in the end just put it on their flash disk or memory card (or just create it on Spotify). Here are some of my playlist to give you some inspiration.

Put Together All Of Their Favourite Food

Grocery stores tend to be open almost all the time and if you know what the people around you like to buy or you know what they don't buy because of its price then this is the winner gift for you.

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Diary For The Next Year

Even in Tesco or other stores, you can find pretty amazing Diaries for the next year. You should decide on the design based on who is the gift meant for and also the size but otherwise, it is a pretty neutral and useful gift.

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An E-Book or An Audio Book From An App

Few clicks later and you have the perfect gift on someone's device ready. There are usually sales around Christmas so don't be stingy and create someone a whole library on their Kindle!

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Vacation or Other Experience

Making reservations on the Internet is super easy and all you have to do afterwards is print out a voucher. Bungee Jumping for the adventurous type, dinner for foodies, spa day for the potatoes or concert tickets just for anybody I guess.

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Buy a Subscription For Something

It can be Spotify, Netflix or some kind of Magazine. Everything can be arranged via the Internet and it super quick and easy.

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