Do you all remember when the world ended in 2012? Ah, good times.

To commemorate the 6 year anniversary of the world ending I decided to share my experience from that day with you all.

Back in 2012 everyone was worried that the world was going to end because an ancient Mayan calendar had recently been discovered and the last date on it was December 21, 2012.

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My friends and I frequently joked about getting dressed as zombies and walking around downtown on the 21st but my parents wouldn’t even consider the idea because of how seriously people were taking this.

So December 21 rolls around and my best friends, who were supposed to be home alone, came over for a sleepover. This was because their mom was freaked out about them staying home by themselves that night.

That evening, my twin sister, my two best friends, and I were all sitting on the couch talking and catching up. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of the sky lighting up in my peripheral vision.

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I wasn’t sure what it was and I didn’t want to freak anyone out so I didn’t say anything at first. I just continued to look out the window and see if it would happen again.

Sure enough, about a minute later, the sky began to light up. Now, this wasn’t your typical lightning, it was an array of blurred colors lighting up the sky. It didn’t look like fireworks. It looked like someone turning on different colored stage lights through a fog.

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Imagine this but in the sky and flashing.

After the third time of this happening, I looked at my twin sister and two best friends and calmly said, “Yeah. I think it’s happening.”

They all replied with, “What? What is happening?”

“The end of the world” I responded.

They all started screaming and asking me what I saw so I explained the strange lights to them. They all got up and we walked over to the big window in our kitchen and waited to spot the flashing lights.

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After a few minutes went by they all thought I was playing a prank on them but I swore up and down that I knew what I saw.

Just as my sister C was about to say, “Let’s go sit back down” the sky started to light up again. It was crazy! There were flashes of green, white, and red lights. We all started screaming and losing our minds since we thought that this was the end!

As we were all hugging each other and crying and calling our loved ones, one of my sister’s friends sent us a link to news article. An old factory had blown up mere miles from our house and that’s what was causing the sky to light up!

Needless to say, it was an eventful day and in the end we were all just happy that we were “saved”.

-xx Lenny