i mean im not lying
but i wanna know if you agree with me

1) no one cares about anyone's unpopular opinions
we all just wanna be edgy
and i have no problem with that

2) money can buy happiness
bitch if you gave me enough money to buy those jeans from pacsun i have always wanted i will sell my soul to you
but its only going to be temporary happiness

3) vlogs are so boring
i have nothing against people who vlog of course, but i cant sit through a twenty minute video about a day in your instagram esque life

4) with that being said, i can understand how the paul brothers got famous
i mean yeah they are pretty bad excuses for people
but if they never had drama/ controversies, i think they would still have a large following bc preteens and nine year olds love those kind of videos

5) romantic comedies are so so bad
maybe im just a bad person
but they are all the same
i love repetition since my tiny puny brain can't handle anymore than such
but i prefer cheesy love books than actually seeing it lo and behold, in front of my eyes
they are too fake, and too much of everything i don't want

6) Antonio Garza isn't funny
i admit, when i discovered one of his first videos, and he only had like 20k subs at the time, i thought he was the shit
and he has certainly not changed and became pretentious
i honestly dont have problems with youtubers being stuck up bc what do you expect
i have watched a majority of his videos and i don't think i have heard antonio put together a coherent sentence
and that's not entertaining, surprisingly, after a while
he still seems like a good person tho hehe

7) spam is hella tasty
ok its not my first choice for lunch
but im asian
and my mom loved to feed this to me
...and i really like it??

8) the Dolan twins aren't attractive
i used to watch their videos, but not bc of their looks, bc frankly their jawlines resemble an isosceles triangle , and im not into that
i just thought they were funny
a lot of people say their fan base only watches them for their looks
but i think not

9) dogs = cats
they are both fuckin cute as fuck, man
let them be

10) no one cares if you like pineapple on/off your dAmn pizza
if you get into arguments about this shit i do not like you or trust you
i was reading an article about unpopular opinions
(yeah guilty as charged im not 100% original with my articles)
and one of them was pineapple pizza,
and it was a tweet, and the commentary below it was like,

"send this person to jail.
for life.
what a monster"


i have no words to express how much i want to punch the author of this article

ok im angry right now grrr so im gonna blast
if you agree with me on any of these you are a real gamer girl

follow me i need validation