Hi guys!
My first article: Study tips (winter edition)! I've blogged before on my own site but didn't have that much time, I'm going to restart here. Btw; my english is not that good, don't judge me :)

I'm going to tell you some study tips for the winter, because it's really hard to learn with the cold.

1- Make yourself comfortable

It's really nice to study with a blanket, you get a bit warmer. Preferably you work with your laptop so you do not have to focus on writing.

2- Start on time

Start learning earlier than you are used to. This means that the subject is in your head earlier and you don't have much to do the day before the test.

3- Make a good resume

If you make a good, clear resume yourself, it stays better in your head and its clearer.

4- Take breaks

Do not study for too long, even if you are finished earlier. The subject does not stay well in your head.Take breaks in order to eat or drink and to check out social media.

I hope you liked and enjoyed reading it - see you later!

Bye, Julia