it hurts,
it was short,
i didn't care if i cared too much for you or no, but if i didn't, i just wanted that you told it to me.
just that you told it.
i wouldn't waste my time.

if i always was a dummy for you, that you could catch and could moved her at your whim; and if it didn't be like this, at least i felt it in that way.

that friendship sometimes, it didn't do nothing more that hurt me;
it cut my eyes, my ears, and covered my mouth, to don't see what it's going to happen, to don't listen what it was happenning, to don't say what was my opinion, cause it was better to don't talk about it that all finished.

and i admit that it's weird but, in the bottom, i understand that i'm scared that i will never come back to this afternoons in your house, about that we don't meet again, cause i know that you preffer other people before me. and it hurts, so much.

i don't know, but i don't know you since many time ago.
why, how, where and when has this happened?

who was the guilty?
you or me?

- Lenahh