Hi anyone who's reading my article!
This is how I veew my aesthetic and my best friends aesthetic.

Me aka Bia

hair and aesthetic image fashion, style, and outfit image art, paint, and draw image piercing, earrings, and accessories image
personality: artistic, the artist of the group, competitive, sarcastic, kinda sensitive, athletic, always ready to go on adventures, would do anything for her friends, impulsive, hot headed.


aesthetic and books image caps, gorros, and girls image fashion, outfit, and clothes image aesthetic, funny, and OC image
personality: know it all but doesn't show it off, funny, bookworm, supportive of everyone's dreams, she is na actual genius.


bag fjall raven kanken image boy, boyfriend, and fashion image polaroid, camera, and vintage image plants, grunge, and green image
personality: funny, inteligente, creative, trendy, out of all of us is the most aestheticly pleasing in real life.


girl, fashion, and beauty image Image by kittyp Louis Vuitton, travel, and bag image belt, casual, and crop top image
personality: badass, she will stand up for anything she belives in or anyone she loves, athletic, stylish, traveler, she is always up to any adventure.


cat, sunflower, and black image girl, flowers, and sunflower image yellow, glasses, and aesthetic image girl and style image
personality, positive, athletic, loves animals specially cats, loves nature and cares a lot about the enviorment, she is friendly to everyone, is always ready to help anyone who needs.