Here's the first article in the series!
As the title says, this article will focus on the organization in order to cope with the exams with less stress.

1. Start with time

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Personally, I've started to study with more than one month of anticipation. The first exam I've got is Law on the 7th of January, and the materials to study are quite dense. This is why I started to read and revise my notes for this subject on the 1st of December.
Please remember that this is just my case. I need to start a lot of time ahead, but if you feel like a few weeks before the exam are enough for you, that's great!

2. Sort out your priorities

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If you've got one subject that you feel is easier for you, don't focus too much on it. Dedicate more time on those subjects that are more difficult, larger or where you just have trouble understanding.
For instance, in my case, I will leave everything I need to study for my Economics exam for last. This is the subject that I find the easiest and I have no problem understanding and remembering things.

3. Prepare your notes

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Go through your notes and make sure everything is in there. If you were absent one day or you didn't take notes on one specific occasion, ask your friends for notes or create them by going through the lesson again.

4. Create study planners

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By having a calendar of the month or the week, it is easier to know how much time left you have and what can you do in each day until the exam.
I also did a daily schedule to sort out everything I need to do.

5. Organise some time to relax

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Remember that you're in the holidays! You should at least organise everything in order to have a few dates where you can just enjoy the holidays with your family and friends or just have time for yourself.

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I really hope you found this article helpful! I will be posting the following during the upcoming weeks! Thank you for reading! Happy Holidays and lots of luck!
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