Name: Chloè Montgomery

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Chloè is a really selfconfident woman, who believes blindly in feminism. She is a person with no-filter, who never goes unnoticed. She is also a stubborn person with define values and objectives: she rarely changes her mind.

Age: 272 years old, but she looks like a twenties
Supernatural creature: she is an heretic (she transformed herself into vampire to escape from an arranged marriage when she didn't know that she was witch)

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Clhloè loves reading and dancing. But her favorite hobby is playing the piano. She also spends time searching to discover new spells.

Best friends:

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Klaus is the one that helped Chloè to become a vampire and after to discover her heretic nature. Their friendship developed thanks to their common interests and to their opposite tempers. Chloè is one of the few people that Klaus trust and even if they don't see for years or centuries they always find a way to comunicate frequently. Klaus introduced Chloè to Caroline because he thought they had a lot of things in common. Since then Caroline and Chloè have a beautiful friendship's bond.


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Elaijah and Chloè relationship has always been difficult. At the start because of Klaus's jealousy and after because they often fight. But they really love each other and so they always go back together.