Bonjour, I never had a date.

Maybe it's normal, maybe it's ridiculous at my age, we don't know but the fact is here: nobody dated me.

It'll be winter in a few days and I want to share my perfect winter date. Here you go.

The place

The most magical place is the Christmas Markets of a city! You can explore a lot of little trades and find a little gift for your date.

christmas, winter, and christmas tree image winter, snow, and christmas image christmas and cozy image christmas, lights, and city image


I love skating but during the winter is a bad idea. Someone invented ice skating and he's a god! Thank you to this person!

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Some coffee or hot chocolate with christmas cookies will be perfect for me. My date? You choose what you want.

christmas, food, and winter image chocolate, marshmallow, and food image breakfast, christmas, and cozy image coffee, christmas, and winter image

My outfit

A big big BIG sweater with a cute color. That's all haha.

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, pink, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image

The gift

I think the perfect gift from me is my eternal love for you and there are no pictures for that yet. Sorry

I hope you've liked my article and that inspired you for your next winter date.

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See ya little Hearter.