The number 2019 allows for creativity and inspiration.
The numerology energy represented by the number 2019 resonates with creative self-expression, relationships, optimism, and inspiration.
It also resonates with diplomacy, tolerance, and inclusiveness. It is social energy.
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2019 is The Year of Growth as I do believe. It is the year to believe in miracles, to vibrate at the frequency of what you want to attract into your life and to ensure your energy flows into creating the reality you want to live. Everything and anything you want is possible but, that can only be achieved once we truly shift our mindsets and hit the reset button.

Many of us don't realize The Power of a New Year and the new beginnings that come with it. Instead of taking a minute, stepping in with a clear mind, conscious and space, we step in with baggage from the last 365 days of the year. We have only a few days left before the New Year, instead of holding on to a rope that is only tugging on the opposite end, causing you pain as you hold on tighter, let it go.

Let go of the pain, let go of the burdens, let go of the past. It's time to forgive and let go. A new year is on its way and what you want is easier to achieve than you allow yourself to think or have.

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1. Get Rid Of Negative Beliefs and Experiences

Holding onto grudges manifests its way into your body through many other physical forms like disease and illnesses that can affect your health. Don't hold on to people, things and experiences from the past that is not worth holding on to. No one is worth your health. Let go of those negative thoughts in your mind because once you do, that person or thing no longer has any power over you. That means, you win. Besides, who needs extra baggage when we can let go and enjoy our new beginnings??

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2. Get Clear With Your New Habits And Resolutions

Always make sure you get clear with exactly what it is you need to do, to get to where you need to go in the future. Write down the actions you need to take, learn how to do what it is you need to do to get to where you need to go, and then find a way to get it done no matter what. Having clarity and actually choosing to follow through with your plans determines whether or not you will achieve your goals.

97% Who quit are employed by the 3% Who never gave up.
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3. List Your Self-Sabotaging, Consequences and Feelings

Reflect on what it is you do to self-sabotage yourself. Are you procrastinating and handing in shabby work before a deadline just because you can't manage your time? Are you staying in that same old relationship with that person who is constantly lying and cheating on you because you keep trying to justify their wrongdoings?? Are you now at the worst shape in your life because you're too lazy to fit in a workout??? Get. Real. With. Yourself. The common thing in each of these scenarios is that you literally have the power to do something about it and make it so much better than what it is right now. Be disciplined, leave the relationship, find yourself again, love yourself again. Realize how what you're doing to yourself affects your emotional and physical state. Why would you continue something that's bad for you if you want what's best for you?

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4. Get Your Energy Up Again

Do what makes you feel brand new. Do something that makes you feel like you can take on the world and achieve everything you've ever wanted. Allow it really get to your mind, allow it to sink in. Whether you need to read an all-time favorite self-help book, read up on your beliefs again to motivate you, clean your bedroom or even watch a movie that will really get you pumped for 2019, do it. Raise your spiritual energy higher than it would've been the last time, get your mind focused on your goals and really go for it.

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5. Clear Your Space and Make Room For The New

Ever heard of Feng Shui? Well, my concept isn't exactly the same but I believe in doing things with intention. Clean your space by getting rid of what you feel no longer serves a purpose to you. If you're having trouble determining what is clutter and what isn't then ask yourself, 'Have I used this in the past year?' If not, get rid of it. When it comes to things you have an emotional attachment to, on the other hand, ask yourself, 'Is this giving me good energy or is it bringing up bad energy.' Don't think too much, just go with your gut at that moment and I can promise you that you won't look back on what you throw out. Clearing your space by also positioning your items and setting them around your room with what your heart says feels good is all that matters. These little changes in our space make a huge impact on our spiritual energy.

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6. What Is Your 'Why

Always get clear with what the reason for your goal is. If you want to lose weight.. what are the reasons behind 'why' you want to do? What will this do for you in everyday life and how will it make you feel better? If you want to leave your job or college, ask yourself why? How is this going to improve your life, how will it impact to a point where it is life changing in little everyday moments you will no longer have to deal with once your goals are achieved. Let that reason be your drive that helps you reach your goals.

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7. Goals, Promises To Yourself, Rules, and Non-Negotiables

Get clear and make your goals, 'promises' to yourself. Let you be your priority when it comes to achieving your goals and become emotionally attached to them. Really feel why you need to reach your goals each day. Set out what your non-negotiables are... whether you will completely avoid dating to concentrate on your spiritual and self-growth for a year, whether you will completely stop drinking until you reach your goal weight or whether you will refuse to ruin your schedule over poor time management. Get clear will yourself and set the rules and boundaries with yourself in order to get serious with things.

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