Hello, dear hearters!
I often hear girls complaining about being alone, complaints that they are such losers and talking about “where to find”, “have there been any normal men in the world” and “how to get the former back”. Attempt by all means to achieve male attention brings nothing but sadness and disappointment. But, it seems, before free girls, all goals and desires fade, except for a dream to get a guy. One of the main reasons for this frenzied desire to find a couple is the negative perception of loneliness. People focus on the minuses, forgetting that a partner is not needed to achieve the most important and useful goals. Here are a few things to strive for instead of chasing a guy. Let's start!

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1. The body you always wanted

The body, unlike a man, always responds to the care of affection. Learn to play sports in pleasure, and not to someone like. You can go to the gym at any convenient time, do as much as you like, buy home equipment if you want. You can plan a healthy diet based solely on your preferences.

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2. Independent travel

Remember where you always dreamed of going, and understand that now is the best moment in your life to do this. No excuses: save money, take a vacation and go on a trip. The most interesting thing is not even a destination, but the fact that you don’t need to look at someone or restrain yourself.

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3. Good books

Focus on what is often not enough time. For example, on good books. Deliver your literary ration for useful reading for self-education and development and artistic for the soul.

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4. Morning ritual

The most productive and successful people are early birds. And this is not because they have more time, but because they find time for a good morning ritual that charges for the whole day. Spend the morning time not to check social networks, but to unite with yourself. Delicious breakfast, which you cook only for yourself, exercises, attention to your own thoughts and desires - start the day correctly and see how much this will affect your life.

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5. Health

Being lonely is not a reason to abandon yourself. This applies to both physical and mental health. Concentrate on the needs of the body and take care of yourself as it should.

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6. Education

Another thing that will never be in vain - new skills and knowledge. Take care of your career development, sign up for interesting courses or go to master classes. There are many opportunities for self-education around. Find something that will be interesting for you and will help you in your promotion. Maybe even decide to open a business.

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7. Your dreams

How many times have I watched how quickly a relationship in a couple and the creation of a family make people give up their desires. Freedom is the best time to learn to listen to yourself and not to postpone the fulfillment of your dreams for later. Self-realization is important for strong relationships: how can you share your life with someone until you decide what you want to do with it? You come first, your dreams come first. Love can wait.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it ❤