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Lydia Freire


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Blue eyes, full lips and a long blonde messy hair with a little fringe. She is short and skinny. As Eleven, she also has a tattoo on her wrist, number nine. This is because she went through the same, not to say worse, than El.


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Power // Gift

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As Eleven she can move things without even touch them. Also, she is able to read minds, listen people's thoughts


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Her family abandoned her when she was a baby, so she is alone now. The only thing she has are her friends.


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Nancy is her confident, the closest thing she has to a best friend
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She also get along with Dustin and Eleven


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Brenner is her principal enemy, but she wouldn't get along with the next characters:
stranger things, dacre montgomery, and billy hargrove image stranger things, dacre montgomery, and billy hargrove image aesthetic, kali, and series image aesthetic, kali, and series image
Billy and Kali, they are not the kind of people Lydia likes to see walking and breathing in the same place as her. A little bit dramatic, uh?


joe keery, stranger things, and steve harrington image stranger things, joe keery, and steve harrington image stranger things, love, and quotes image stranger things, steve harrington, and joe keery image
She is madly in love with Steve and she would do anything to protect him


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In her free time, Lydia use to go to the arcade, hang out with Steve or Nancy, smoke, skating or make music for her band-in which she plays the guitar-.

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