hi i saw these kinds of things a lot on WHI so here's mine!!

if i were a character in stranger things


girl, cigarette, and smoke image car, vintage, and aesthetic image girl, coffee, and blonde image 70s, 90s, and alternative image
Sophia Rosemond.


16, party, and photo image 16, aesthetic, and cake image


aesthetic, girl, and vintage image adorable, green, and light image girl, grunge, and pale image girl, skater, and vans image
dark blonde short hair with bangs, skatergirl look

i would only be nice to my friends and/or love interests.
i wouldn't make friends very easy.
i would be a total sweetheart but not at first.
i would pretend i love parties.

friends, fashion, and vintage image party, friends, and grunge image Clueless, 90s, and movie image 90s, girl, and cute image

love interest

stranger things, netflix, and Nancy image stranger things, eleven, and dustin image stranger things image johnny depp, grunge, and boy image
i would have a huge crush on steve while dustin was crushing on me.

sophia would be billy's cousin who is going to live with them. her and billy dont get along very well and she doesn't like max at first as well. she then becomes friends with jonathan and thats how she also becomes friends with Will and his friends. when she meets the hot senior steve, she directly falls for his charms and doesn't notice dustin has a crush on her. she and max become friends at some point and steve doesn't notice her at all.

stranger things, finn wolfhard, and noah schnapp image stranger things, 80s, and aesthetic image stranger things, billy, and steve harrington image stranger things, charlie heaton, and natalia dyer image
thanks for reading xoxo