Here are my favourite songs that start with a certain letter of the alphabet.

A - Another brick in the wall, Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd, music, and rock image

B - Bohemian rhapsody, Queen

Freddie Mercury, meme, and memes image

C - Count on me, Bruno Mars

bruno, count, and listening image

D - Don't stop me now, Queen

Queen, song, and don't stop me now image

E - Everything's in the right place, Radiohead

thom yorke image

F - Flourescent adolescence, Arctic Monkeys

colors, memories, and others image

G - Great balls on fire, Jerry Lee Lewis

jerry lee lewis image

H - Hey Ho, The Lumineers

boho, gypsy, and heartbreak image

I - I want to break free, Queen

Queen, Freddie Mercury, and i want to break free image

J - Just the way you are, Bruno Mars

bruno mars, just the way you are, and music image

K - Kiss me, Sixpence none the richer

boys, kids, and cute kids image

L - Let it be, The Beatles

the beatles, beatles, and music image

M -_Moonlight sontata, Beethoven

moon, night, and stars image

N - No swinging in your walking, Black Cat Zoot

Image by Maria

O - _Optimistic, Radiohead _

thom yorke image

P - Paradise, Coldplay

coldplay, gif, and music image

Q - Que Sera, Doris Day

coffee, Letter, and live image

R - Rehab, Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse and amy image

S - Shallow, Lady Gaga &Bradley Cooper

Lady gaga and a star is born image

T - Take on me, A-ha

80s, AHA, and decade image

U - U can't touch this, MC Hammer

bored, cant, and chats image

V - Valery, Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, music, and valerie image

W - Wish you were here, Pink Floyd

rainbow, wish, and Pink Floyd image

Y - Yesterday, The Beatles

Image by Reina Espinoza

Z - Zombie, The Cranberries

friends, grunge, and indie image

"If we stop talking, we sing"

With love,