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Name: Princess Emilia Rose Victor
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Age: 20
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Appearance: Green eyes , dark brown hair , red lips
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Style : light colored, shiny dresses
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Powers: She can use fire to fight her enemies, she holds this power from her father. and she can move the objects by her fingers
white and castle image flowers, rose, and luxury image Image by 𝐀♡ art, aesthetic, and clouds image
Castle: A castle full of roses to represent the princess, white outside to represent the purity and power of the royal family
aesthetic and wolf image wolf, animal, and dog image Howl, wolf, and white wolf image aesthetic image
Animal : A white wolf named Whitelya
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Crown : a Gold Crown
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Hairstyles : always braided
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Prince Charming : Prince Louis of France
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Ennemy : Princess Valentina Violet, wants to marry the prince and reign on the kingdom, wishes to kill the princess Emilia Rose.
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