• Full Name: Morganne Olivia Ross
  • Nickname(s): Morgie
  • Age: 19
  • Date of Birth: March 7
  • Zodiac Sign: Picses
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Ethnicities: British, French,Brasilian & Canadian.
  • Hometown: London


hair, rose gold, and pink image blue, eye makeup, and eyes image girl, hair, and beauty image Calvin Klein, body, and white image tattoo, snake, and tumblr image tattoo, rose, and flowers image
She has very long rose gold hair. Her eyes are green & her eyebrows very fluffy. She has a tanned body with tattoos: one on her chest & one on her finger.


clothes, outfit, and style image fashion, gucci, and style image fashion, girl, and red image maggie lindemann and Maggie image
She has a cute tomboy style.


quotes, girl power, and strong image Queen, don't stop me now, and stop image quotes, art, and calm down image Image by she》wolf
She is clever & feminist. She is also calm & at the same time very crazy & vulgar.


pink, nike, and aesthetic image art, drawing, and eyes image purple, music, and aesthetic image feminism, graffiti, and red image
She likes basketball, drawing, remixing songs & graffing.


aesthetic, party, and coke image girl, glitter, and party image coffee, strawberry, and instagram image paris, city, and france image
Coke, parties, tea & Paris.


liar, lie, and quote image cozy and rain image anime, girl, and manga image chocolate, ice cream, and food image
Liars, coffee, school & chocolate.

Favorite Color(s)

art, paint, and purple image aesthetic, 2018, and glitter image
Purple & rose gold.


  • Parents
baby, family, and dad image family, mom, and daughter image
Her dad, Benedict Ross & her mom, Lina Martines.
  • Siblings
finn wolfhard and stranger things image american, blue eyes, and zurita image
Her two Brothers: Luca & Dino.

Significant Other

boy image
Finn Carpenter.

Old Halloween Costumes

Halloween, costume, and october image angel, icons, and grunge girl image

Best Friends

tom holland, tomholland, and heartmeme image girl, aesthetic, and blue image
Taylor Travis & Diana Hope.

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