name: Liana Diaz
age: 14 (4th Year)
blood status: muggle-born


love cute couples, pets animals, and quotes words text image girl, hair, and fashion image eyes, eye, and brown image girl, aesthetic, and hair image
medium, straight brown hair. light brown eyes, pale skin (sorry it's the same as my mcu one but I still look the same)


aesthetic, harry potter, and ravenclaw image ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image aesthetic, blue, and dark blue image blue, ravenclaw, and harry potter image


ravenclaw and harry potter image fashion, grey, and sweater image ravenclaw, hogwarts, and harry potter image harry potter and ravenclaw image


style, aesthetic, and alternative image fashion, vans, and outfit image fashion, aesthetic, and girl image fashion, style, and outfit image
edgy, vintage, casual

yule ball:

dress, Prom, and beauty image dress image dress, fashion, and blue image lace prom dress, prom dress a-line, and prom dress blue image
navy or grey dress


buzzard and patronus image


harry potter, wand, and magic image aesthetic, azkaban, and book image
pine wood, phoenix feather core, 12 1/2", quite bendy flexibility


dramatic, quotes, and pause image quotes, mood, and 90s image quotes and fight me image mood and powerpuff girls image cure, feel, and happy image celebrities, funny, and Lyrics image


ravenclaw, blue, and harry potter image quotes, beauty, and brain image quotes, eyes, and different image quotes and rules image quotes, blue, and ravenclaw image quotes, stars, and book image book, quotes, and coffee image suck, quotes, and words image

favorite classes:

gif, astronomy, and stars image classes, gif, and harry potter image harry potter image harry potter image harry potter image harry potter image

favorite professors:

harry potter, minerva mcgonagall, and witch image Image by Mi <3 costume, harry potter, and hogwarts image harry potter image

favorite places:

hogwarts and ravenclaw image Image by Andrea Gabriel
ravenclaw common room, library


cat, green, and aesthetic image cat, animal, and cute image
black cat. his name is jem

love interest:

glasses, harry potter, and eyes image boy, smile, and mikey murphy image
(again, same as mcu) Levi, ravenclaw. (almost hufflepuff) a goof who could spend talking in the common room with Liana all night with cuddles and kisses. He always saves her a seat next to him at dinner every night and cast little spells to send her notes in class.


beauty, brown hair, and curly image fashion, dress, and style image
Kahli, ravenclaw (almost slytherin) a complete badass who will stay up all night with Liana and recommends her books to read. With kisses hidden in the library and sleeping in the same bed even though they share a dorm.


neville longbottom image ginny weasley and harry potter image
nevil, ginny