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birth name: alice forbes
alias: little alice, and sunshine
birth day: 10th october, 1992
age: 26 (as of 2018)


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lili reinhart


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height: 1.68 m (5′ 6″)
weight: 55 kg
eye colour: green
hair colour: blonde


fashion, outfit, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and style image kylie jenner, outfit, and beauty image brown, fall, and cute image
she loves wearing over sized sweaters, mainly with jeans but sometimes with skirts. she also liked wearing crop-tops with a high collar.
girl, makeup, and nails image girl, fashion, and hair image beautiful lady, pretty girl girls, and site models goals image girl, makeup, and style image
she likes to keep her make up natural with a nude or pink lip.


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positive traits: optimistic, happy, and kind
negative traits: naive, over emotional, and a overly curious

half of her beauty is her brain
— (via abullah-ryf)


chocolate, milkshake, and food image fashion, pink, and pastel image lips, kiss, and pink image house, pink, and grunge image

favorite colour: pink
favorite food: cake, and milkshakes
movie she loves: nancy drew
tv show she loves: criminal minds
likes: mystery novels, reading, solving puzzles, and hanging out with her friends
hates: secrets, not being able to solve something, spiders, and clowns


apartment, baby pink, and cozy image christmas, home, and interior image home, house, and design image home and bathroom image
she lived with her mum and sister, though once she turned she moved in with veronica and maria. but maria and her own a house together.


animal, bed, and corgi image dog and animal image animal, corgi, and dog image dog, puppy, and animal image
her and maria adopted a puppy when they moved in togeather. it's name is buffy.


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best friends: veronica leighton, matt, caroline, and jeremy
friends: bonnie, stefan, kira mikaelson, and alaric


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maria leighton

how they met: when maria arrived at mystic falls with her sister
intimacy level: slept together, living together
status: engaged