How are you guys feeling on this first day of the weekend and last one before the Christmas holiday?

I'm sooo in Christmas feeling and I'm so excited. Overload of joy. I just finished my present yesterday. Finally! Usually, I'm much more organized but this year I was focused on school and I kept telling myself that I had time.

Welcome to all the new reader, and welcome back to the ones who follow me, my name is Magalie and I'm 19 years old. I'm in training to become an early childhood educator. My passions are reading, dancing, writing, drawing, running, and Christmas haha. I just love this time of the year. The spirit, the love, the lights, everything.

This is the 15 /24 articles of the blogmas serie. What is 24 days with me? Basically one article each day until Christmas. Here is the link to the collection with all the articles already written:

This article is a little bit basic: Christmas this or that.I'll leave you to the article.

Christmas day or boxing day

Christmas day. Without any doubts. I love packing gifts but I prefer opening it.

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White or green Christmas

I LOOOOOVE snow so definitely white. It's much more magical.

snow, winter, and christmas image christmas, winter, and snow image

Christmas Eve or Christmas day

Christmas eve when the magic is at full. You know what I mean? There is something special the night before.

On Christmas Eve I go to the Christmas mass with my family. Its beautiful.

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Sleeping in or up early

I'm not a morning person, not even on Christmas day and we usually go to bed soo late on the 24th that everybody gets up late.

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Real or Fake tree

Fake because I live in an appartment and I like to let it until january. A fake one is easier to maintain and I have a baby cat so real tree is big problems. hahaha.

christmas, winter, and light image christmas, winter, and christmas tree image

Tree ornaments or lights

Definitely lights but I love tree ornaments

light, christmas, and theme image Image by Cris Figueiredo

Santa or elves

Elves. I alway wanted to dress as one even to be one.

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Spend it with immediate or extended family

Both. Christmas day on the morning with immediates family and after we go to my grandparents to celebrate with my extended family.

Image by pastel is life, don't you get it? christmas, tree, and xmas image

Eggnog or hot chocolate

I didn't taste eggnog in my life so hot chocolate.

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Sleigh ride with Santa or a trip to the elves workshop

Sleigh ride without any doubts.¨

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Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.
Happy Christmas to you all.