Ho ho ho, motherfuckers! 2018 is coming to an end, and I thought I would share with you, 13 songs that has been on repeat in my messy lil' teenageroom this year. For bad luck, haha. I'm genuinly jealous of you if you haven't blessed your ears with these beats yet. I'm presenting to you: My playlist the year of 2018.


🎶 PCH - Jaden and Willow Smith
I've listened to this one for 3 years and I'm not yet sick of it.
"You look just like that actress. What's her name? I'm afraid that if I see you I'mma freaking suffocate or do a backflip".

🎶 Buzzin' - Shwayze
I love the vibe of this song. It makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island, serving drinks in my huula huula outfit just living my best life.
"Bang bang, baby shot me in the heart. In the dark with a dart, I felt the sprark when it hit".

🎶 pete davidson - Ariana Grande
1 minute and 14 seconds of heaven. Or hell, I guess, now that they've broken up. What? I'm not crying, it's allergies... I'm all good.
"Universe must have my back, fell from the sky into my lap".

🎶 Dennis - Roy Blair
Happy and Thunder is heavenly beautiful as well. I'm extra but I couldn't leave them out, it would've been unfair.
"On the seventh day God made me, on the seventh day maybe God was lazy".

🎶 Thoughts from a Balcony - Mac Miller
Rest in peace.
"All we got is memories, so what the fuck is time?".

🎶 Can I Get Witcha - Biggie
This one's an OG. For when you're feeling groovy and maybe a slightly bit irritated, I got this one in store for ya.
"One look outside and I'm already upset, yo".

🎶 Ingenting kvar - Veronica Maggio
A little cute one for y'all swedes out there. This song is precious, even if you don't understand swedish. Or, so I hope at least. Maybe it just sounds like humhumhum. Nvm, give it a shot.
"Jag har rest genom byar och städer, ingenting fanns, ingenting fanns. Jag har stirrat mig blind i en spegel, ingen var där, ingen var där".
Translation: "I've traveled through villages and cities, nothing was there, nothing was there. I've stared myself blind in a mirror, no one was there, no one was there".

🎶 Caribbean Blue - Enya
If you feel like traveling to another dimension, this is a good one to play.
"If all you told was turned to gold, if all you dreamed was new. Imagine the sky above, in Caribbean blue".

🎶 Drag - Day Wave
You might have to give this one a couple of plays. It grows on you.
"I know I still hang around, and I bring you down, and I'm just like that".

🎶 Goodie Bag - Still Woozy
If you enjoy listening to Indie/Alternative music, check these tunes out: Cooks and Lucy by this mf legend. He makes my soul bloom.
"When she made me laugh, doom doom, right to my tomb".

🎶 Ooh Ahh - Grits
When I listen to this, I feel like I'm walking the streets of San Francisco with a big ass speaker on my shoulder just bumbin' this . Idkw.
"I'm on an island by my lonesome stranded, low key and stayin' candid".

🎶 Cool & Calm - Sticky Fingers
I'm the opposite of cool and calm tho, give me a chillpill asap.
"I've got insight, fuck pride, I'ma live this life witn no fears, swagger in my stride, this is who I am".

🎶 Partners in Motion - Wild Nothing
This one makes me feel like I'm high. On life. Don't do drugs kids.
"Silver in your eyes, the sinnings that's committed. Red and open wide, of life in the wild".

If you have any song suggestions, pleaseeee, send them to me. Let's start 2019 on a good note. See what I did there?