Year 2018 is about to end soon. I wouldn't say that this has really been my year.

This year has been little different than others, because I haven't been in school, but that was my own choice. I have been coaching figure skating and studying more for that and for becoming a figure skating judge.

Because I don't get to do as much work as I would like to, I have maybe little too much free time alone. I have been feeling lonely and I get very sad if my friends don't have time (or they don't want, i don't know) to see me.

I have also had pretty much disappointments in work things and with people. I have had stupid fights and problems with my few friends, and I hate fighting. My friend also betrayed my trust this year. At the moment I don't really know who are my real friends.

Still my year haven't been all bad, so here comes my highlights of the year. Many of them have however happened, despite the hardships, with my friends.

First comes to mind trips. I had my fifth time in Paris and my second time in Disneyland, and we spent there fourteen hours! Paris is my absolute favorite place in the world so far. I was also in Barcelona and Saint Petersburg for the first time. I was in Tallinn twice and even if I have lived twenty years in Finland, I had my first time in Lapland.

I enjoyed two music festivals in summer. Especially the other that was in my old hometown. I felt so loved there surrounded by nice people.

Summer and autumn in Finland were amazing this year. Summer was hot and sunnier than usual. The autumn and the fall colors were very beautiful, and the prettiest time lasted quite long.

Even if I'm skating almost everyday, doing my job as a coach and competing in synchronized skating few times a year, it is still one of the highlights of my life.

I love parties and the best one this year was my 20th birthday party. I also liked halloween very much. We were dressed as leopards with my bestie. This Christmas time has been good so far, and I hope the Christmas eve will be too.