Basic information
name: Natasha Winlow
age: 16
species: siren witch


hair, black, and grunge image blue, eyes, and blur image
Medium brown hair, blue eyes (golden when chanting)


fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image clothes, fashion, and grunge image black, christmas, and clothes image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
Grunge, sometimes slutty, all black


quotes image aesthetic, blue, and quotes image heart, brain, and decisions image lana del rey, sad, and grunge image
Smart ass, trouble maker, bitchy, impulsive, wrekcless, actually depressed


Image by emilia girl, best friends, and friends image
Eleanor: sister
beauty, ginger, and red hair image love, couple, and boy image couple, netflix, and gif image beautiful, purple, and 💛 image
Dorcas and Nick: affairs
quotes image Image by Karen Hegr
Father: dead in a car crash ... Mother: death by fire


aesthetic, fantasy, and snake image


tarot, cards, and witch image black and white, cemetery, and death image aesthetics, authentic, and beauty image Image by Sweet Life
Divination, necromancia, seducing/hypnotizing, telekinesis