Since 2018 is near it's end I thought what better way to honor this year then with what I have learned during these twelve months.

1. I was way cooler as a kid then now. I don't know when this thought hit me, probably while I way laying in the bed at 2 AM and analyzing every decision I made. I remembered that I wrote a letter to my crush in 2nd grade what a bold kid I was I would never do that now. One more thing I remembered that I also said to another crush of mine that I love him and I said it first. Like I want to be that kid again or at least have that courage.

2. All the things I wish for and the lifestyle I want to have isn't going to come to me by sitting and waiting. I really want to live a healthy lifestyle and be fit, not necessary skinny but fit so that I can run a mile and not get tired after few steps.

3. Start today. I used to say things like I want to exercise and I would think about it all day but wouldn't actually workout. When the next day came I always wished I started yesterday, so on my birthday I said no more wishing and I started working out. I worked out five days in a row and every muscle in body was sore. But I was happy about it. Now I workout every other day and every time I can.

4. It's nice to do something for someone else and expect nothing in return.

5. Never stay quiet. If a person disrespects you, you have the right to say that he/she is wrong. I learned this during my summer job and a lot of my colleagues disrespected me in front of my bosses. At first I didn't do anything but after a while I realized that I never said anything disrespectful to them and I never hurt them and that they shouldn't do that to me either.

6. It's okay to be single. I have been single for quite some time. All of my friends have someone, a boyfriend, a girlfriends, someone that they are romantically interested in and I have nobody. Although I had many crushes when I was a kid as you found out I don't like anybody at the moment. I don't even have a crush and that's something that was really bothering me until I realized that I'm not meant to have a crush at this moment. At this moment I am meant to be single and there is nothing wrong with that.

7. If everybody likes you, you are doing something wrong. I realized that I can't please everybody it's impossible. I used to think that making my parents, friends, people around me, people that I don't know happy will also make me happy, but boy was I wrong. If a decision that I make is making me happy people that love me will also be happy and that is the most important thing.

8. It's a lot better to let go of a friend then to have a toxic friendship. If I am someone's friend I think the other person should accept the fact that I am Serbian and an orthodox, however if a person can't accept that then that person can't be my friend. I never judge people by their religion, nationality or believes and I want to be treated that way.

9. Enjoy life at the moment. Life is very tricky and everything can change in split of a second. So just enjoy your life at the moment. Be happy with what you have, because tomorrow you might not have that. But being ambitious and striving for more is also good.

10. Be grateful. Somehow I think that I forgot how lucky I am to be waking up everyday to be breathing to be healthy to have food on my table to have parents that love me to be able to go to school.

11. Stop. Breathe. Look at the clouds. Look at the stars. Look at the moon. See how big the universe is and despite that how important we all are. How our lives are intervened and how our decision affect other people.

12. All the thing that scare me are the things that will change me. All the things that challenge me will make me a better person. All the pain that I feel today will be the strength I feel tomorrow.

13. Music is sometimes the best cure for a broken soul. Among all the genres and songs and new artists I discovered this year I never thought I would like German rap or Classical remixes. But hey here I am dancing and singing to Capital Bra One Night Stand and Beethoven Fur Elise (Klutch remix). What a surprise.

14. Self-care doesn't mean you are selfish. It means you realized how important and precious you are. In the end I don't think that we can be helpful to others if we don't take care of ourselves first.

15. It's okay to not be the same person you were few years ago or even five months ago. We all grow, we change, we find new interest, new movies, new series, new hobbies, new friends, new lovers and that's great that's exciting. Someone who was out of your life for so long shouldn't expect that nothing has changed.

16. Mental health is extremely important. It's okay to not feel okay, but if someone feels down all the time than that is not good and they need to ask for help. There are many people who care about you and if you think that there is no one there is me. Before any life changing decision please think about it twice, three times even ten times.

17. Only you can truly help yourself but only if you want to. I learned that self-pity isn't going to take me anywhere and if I don't want to feel better then no one can help me. However help from family and friends is always very welcome.

18. Do things that make you happy. I mean I can try to be a professional chef but that is never going to fulfill my soul like learning new languages or coding a web page.

19. I would rather be alone then be surrounded by fake people.

20. Do not judge people, you never know what they are thinking, what they are feeling or what they went through.

21. Don't be afraid to try new things.

These are the things that 2018 thought me. This year was really stressful and generally hard, with lot of storms and hardship but there is always sun after the storm that is something I should never forget. I lost some of my friends some were left behind by me, by some I was left behind. Any ways I hope that this year was good to you and I hope that 2019 will be even better to you, to all of us. For that I say thank u, next. As always I hope that you enjoyed my article and that maybe you even learned something from it.

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Until next time xx, Milena

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