When you care about someone, you want to be there for them and help them whenever they need it. You feel like you could catch a bullet for them and seeing them in pain is one of the worst things ever. But when Loving slips on top of that, then there's so much more getting into that world. You don't just want to be there when they need it, you always want to be there. You would catch a bomb instead of a bullet and you would rather, ironically, share the pain than seeing them having a hard time. But love can be blind too. Love can get too much sometimes. There is such a fine line between loving enough and loving too much. It is something dangerous and beautiful at the same time, but it's unexplainable. The thing is, you could still care so much about a person, but when Love is faded away, it's sometimes better to let go. Only caring isn't enough. But at the same time, you can't love someone if you don't care. It is strange, and we are gonna experience it so many times in our lifetime.