She’s always at the library, nose deep in her textbooks, taking in new knowledge with every sip of espresso she drinks. If you just pictured your scholarly bff -- this gift guide is perfect for you.

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Gifts for the scholar in your life

Awakening mists

A blend of essential oils designed for getting in the zone, naturally. You all know vitruvi is our fave, so we’re always looking to share the love!

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Vitruvi Focus Mist, $24

A colorful backpack

It’s important for your bestie to look chic as she’s walking to and from class. Make sure she has a stylish backpack to put all of her books in!

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Urban Outfitters Classic Canvas Mini Backpack, $19.99

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Champion UO Exclusive Supercize Mini Backpack, $35

Fun pens

Honestly -- what you’re writing with can either make or break your productivity. Gift these adorable pens with inspirational quotes that will make studying so much easier.

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Write on Pen Set - Good Vibes by, $11.99

Cute planner

Help her get her schedule SUPER organized with the cutest planner ever. This planner makes stressful weeks ahead seem less stressful.

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It’s All Good Weekly Deluxe Weekly Planner, $15.99

Brain dust

This dust will have your bestie feeling more focused than ever. Yes it sounds weird, but we swear by it. And the packaging is so cute, it’s hard to resist sharing it all over social media.

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Brain Dust by Moon Juice, $38

Happy giving!

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