1. Start to appreciate school

  • question yourself: what would you do without school?

You will find out that school is really important and you basically can't live without education.
If you wanna live your dreams, you have to work for it!

  • however you should also think of all the fun times you had with your friends. School is the only place where you can see most of your friends at the same time.
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2. Your goals

  • first of all you have to set a goal, because you can only achieve something if you have a goal.
  • start to set small goal, so it is easier to reach it and you immediately feel better and more prepared for your bigger goals
  • treat yourself but also set consequences
  • think about your dream job. What is it and which skills and achievements do you need? How do you get there?
  • make a plan on how to get your dream job (which grades do you need, which subjects are important,...)
  • do not give up! If you give up you already lost
  • it takes time
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3. concentration

  • try to take part in class
  • don't look at the time 24/7
  • stay hydrated
  • don't let other people distract you
  • take notes
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