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ARIES (21/03||20/04)
Element: Fire 🔥

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It will be a good week for the sign, good solutions are coming for you. In love, you may experience a moment of uncertainty, let yourself be guided by your instincts. If you are experiencing problems with your partner, do not worry, soon the situation can be solved.

TAURUS (21/04||20/05)
Element: Earth🌳

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In the professional field there are no big news, some decisions can be postponed.
Regarding love, be cautious towards the people you are often dealing with.

GEMINI (21/05||21/06)
Element: Air 💨

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With dissonant Mars there could be difficult moments in the field of love. There could be controversy especially in the final part of the period. At work, there are no particular problems, you can safely go ahead. Try to keep your emotions under control.

CANCER (22/06||22/07)
Element: Water🌊

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Great week with regard to the beautiful emotions, you will live good moments of passion. In the professional field, with Saturn In opposition it will be difficult to manage some situations. The central part of the period will be the best to handle issues.

LEO (23/07||23/08)
Element: Fire 🔥

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It's the right time to start your ideas, take the initiative and you'll get satisfactions. In the field of love with dissonant Venus, discussions may also arise due to economic issues.

VIRGO (24/08||22/09)
Element: Earth🌳

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What's new in the field of work, but you will have to know how to handle everything that is presented to you. Look out for the economic side and avoid spending too much during this period. As for love, there could be tensions with the partner, possible complications especially in the final part of the week.

LIBRA (23/08||22/10)
Element: Air 💨

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In the professional field you may experience problems because of some collaborators who are unable to carry out your directives. Regarding the field of love, it is the right time to clarify the pending situations. The central part of the week will be perfect to be able to solve certain issues with determination.

SCORPIO (23/10||22/11)
Element: Water🌊

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it's a good time for love. In the initial part of the week, the planets will be positive for you. With the Moon in good shape and also Mercury and Venus you can solve some complex issues with the partner and live a moment of greater stability.
Good stars that affect the field of work, you can take important steps.

SAGITTARIUS (23/11||21/12)
Element: Fire 🔥

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It's a time of change as far as your profession is concerned, you'll have to make some checks to get going. In love, with Jupiter in the sign you feel particularly strong. It is possible that some projects can be implemented at this time, despite the dissonance of Mars.

CAPRICORN (22/12||20/01)
Element: Earth🌳

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With Saturn in the sign you will have difficulties in managing work situations, you will still be able to get the most out of it. In the field of love, the situation improves, try to encourage discussions in order to clarify your point of view.

AQUARIUS (21/01||19/02)
Element: Air 💨

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It's a good time to start new projects, the positive trend continues in the coming weeks. In the field of love you are distracted, your attention is turned towards something else. In fact, problems may arise with the partner and return to issues already dealt with.

PISCES (20/02||20/03)
Element: Water🌊

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This is the right time to give space to love, in this week you will feel particularly passionate thanks to favorable Venus. You feel the need to plan something important at the family level, perhaps even a change.

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