”once you were broken, left with nothing but a frown. now you are golden, king of the entire town.”

playlist of happy songs.

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1: Lion by Iamjakehill

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I feel like a lion, I feel like I’m a diamond, and imma keep on shining.

2: Roman Holiday by Halsey

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Feet first, don’t fall. Keep close, stand tall.

3: Compliment Your Soul by Dan Croll

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I just wanna compliment your soul.

4: Wallflowers by The Chain Gang of 1974

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Quiet, dreaming, grab all your things we’re leaving. We won’t ever belong, let’s never go home.

5: Let Go by Sody

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And all we wanna do is let go, let go.

6: Out of my League by Fitz and the Tantrums

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Yeah, you were more than just a dream.

7: Girls Like Me by Will Joseph Cook

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But i’ve been waking up without you.

8: Shine by Cashio, NetNobody & Konus

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Our cores all shine, don’t got the time to feel the life I’m living isn’t fucking mine.

9: Not Too Late by Lemaitre

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As the skies clear up again, I’ll disappear, and the sun will shine again.

10: Lost by Frank Ocean

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Girl you know you’re lost, lost in the thrill of it all.