Hello beautiful hearters! Todayy i will do my everyday makeup looks. I hope you guys enjoyed it and of course you can try

Bright And Rosy Cheeks
girl, beauty, and makeup image orange, makeup, and orange hair image girl, beauty, and makeup image makeup, aesthetic, and flowers image
Sexy Shimmery Eyes
blush, color, and fashion image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image blue, eyeshadow, and girl image Image by Jade Weiss
Soft Makeup with Red/Nude lipstick
bangs, beauty, and cutie image Temporarily removed girl, makeup, and beauty image girl, beauty, and makeup image
Peachy makeup
Temporarily removed aesthetic, beauty, and blonde image Image removed Temporarily removed
A sexy Cat eyes
makeup and beauty image Temporarily removed Image removed beautiful, beauty, and cat eye image
Smoky Eyes
makeup, yellow, and beauty image flawless, highlight, and makeup image makeup, lips, and beauty image beauty and hair image

Thanks for reading! You must try it. Faten xx