Hi! It's been a while.. I've been busy with school and life. But today i'm back for Christmas gift ideas. You can give these to your family members, friends, boy/girlfriends etc! So let's start :

1. Chocolate
I mean, it always works :D

2. Jewelry
Even if it isn't a 10 000 dollar diamond bracelet it will hold a meaning especially if it reminds about something you did together etc

3. Socks, hoodies, beanies, gloves...
Clothes in general are a super easy way to get someone happy. Cute christmas hoodie and fuzzy socks are the perfect combo for anyone!

4. Toiletry bag with some goodies
This is another super simple and easy. Buy a cute low/high brand toiletry bag and fill it with parfume, lotion, shampoo, facemasks whatever!! Throw in some chocolate and they will love it!

5. G I F T C A R D S
Seriously, you can't go wrong with girftcards

6. Crafts
Fill a notebook full or reasons why you love that person and include photos, memories.. This would be perfect for a significant other or parents..

7. Mug with hot cocoa supplies
Get a cute mug and put in cocoa powder, marshmallows/sprinkels/m&m's/candy canes..

8. Pencil case/makeup bag
Depends on a person but if you have a friend who is a makeup addict, a new makeup bag sure will make their addiction little more organized!

9. Candles
Once again. You can not go wrong. Get a scented candle (or three) and throw in a blanket or a giftcard!

10. Spotifylist
Now this maybe sounds little weird but just listen. Create a spotify list filled with songs that remind you of that person or include "your song". This is really cute and thoughtful idea .)

11. Movie/Dinner date tickets
If you don't really have money during christmas time, do some tickets that promise a movienight or a dinner date. Cute right?

12. Pillow cases
We all have one friend who is obsessed with room decor and decorating. So, get pillowcases and throw in candles, plants etc

13. Phone cases
This is also a one that you can't really screw up. You can even get a custom made phone case if you are up for it.

Okay so that was it! I know there's only 13 but hopefully you found at least one that you'd consider haha.. And remember Christmas is not about money or gifts, it's about love and peace.
Bye and i will see you soon!