mean girls, october, and lindsay lohan image Image removed
mean girls, omg i loved this movie so much when i watched it for the first time. my fave is karen!!
adorable, boyfriend, and couples image the princess switch and christmas image
the princess switch. literally obsessed with this movie, i also cried when prince edward and stacy kissed.
Clueless, 90s, and quotes image Clueless, 90s, and alicia silverstone image
clueless, i watched it like 5 times and i still enjoy this movie. it's pretty funny
Image removed gif, movie, and beautiful creatures image
beautiful creatures, i loved this one so much.
Temporarily removed spiderwick image
the spiderwick chronicles, i loved this movie since i was a child even though i thought those trolls were very scary lmao.
Avengers, Marvel, and zoe saldana image Temporarily removed
avengers: infinity war part 1. i hated this movie so much, i literally hated the ending. marvel should stop playing with my feelings :( but its a great movie tho
bae, crush, and fitness image zac efron image
i don't really like those comedy and sexual movies but my sister said i should give it a try and i didn't regret that i watched dirty grandpa. it was really funny