I have always found Christmas a very special holiday. It means a lot of beautiful things to me and I want to share them with you all:

🎄 Spending time with your family

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During Christmas holiday usually we all have a break from work / school so it means that we have more time to spend with our family and this makes me very very happy and greatful!!!

🎄 All cozy everything

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Fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, plaid blankets, Christmas tree with lights and baubles, a chimney to warm our hands and a good book to read.

🎄 Christmas markets

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Honestly, Christmas markets are the thing that makes me the most happy about these holidays! I just love visiting old or new places where there are Christmas themed stalls. They all have lights and the air we breathe there is so festive. (really, just thinking about it makes me shiver! 😍)

🎄 Warm clothes

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Beanies, scarves, gloves and warm socks with boots! Oh, how I love wearing those!

🎄 Being grateful and become a better person

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All of us are wonderful people, but we can all be better. Let's start being grateful for all we have because sometimes we all take things for granted. Then maybe we can be helpful to others. It makes people happy and us happier! :)


Hope you liked my article. If you want a Christmas playlist, read this one and discover Vintage Christmas Songs that you may have never heard about! ⬇

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