It's tough to answer the age-old question of "I'm bored. What should I do?". I'm here to offer some ideas. Bc i'm currently supposed to be studying for tests I have tomorrow but I'd rather not.
Read on to see my ideas on how to brighten up your day.

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1. Watch Buzzfeed Unsolved
yall i am not kidding on this one. I'm a bit of a recent convert to the Youtube series but I'm hooked. I love the spooky stories and the guys who host it, Ryan and Shane, are hilarious.

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2. Create something!
Do some art. Even if it's not your thing or you don't think you're good at it, smack some paint and colors on a canvas, glue a few pictures on there, and you may feel better. It's pretty therapeutic for me so when I get stressed, I go and do these things.

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3. Write!
A lot of times I'll come on here or write on my blog if I'm bored. Its a good outlet to share feelings and ideas (like this one!) and to fill time by doing something that can help you. It's not a mindless task or pointless like other things. I write stories and blog posts that are about stuff that interests me.

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4. Make a list of films that you want to watch
I have a running list of movies on my phone that I'm hoping to get around to watching someday. My recent favorite was "Stardust" but I'm currently re-watching Narcos: Mexico for Diego Luna. Don't worry if the films are well known or not, but maybe pick an actor or something you like to watch and find stuff they're in!

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Thanks for reading!
- Peyton