Name: Erinthe / variation of erianthe: sweet like flowers /
Age: 18
Zodiac sign: aquarius


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her hair in the water is aqua, and in land is light brown


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the left eye is caribbean ocean blue, and the right is black like night

Tail and bra

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her tail is smooth, with colors between grey and light blue. she is usually topless


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erinthe is very calm, very attached to the water, but in love with land and people.


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when she is in land, she always have a little foot bracelet with her tail added. she posses a crown, too. but she only wears it in her home


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Land style

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she lives in every ocean known, and the unknown. also, she lives in another dimention where sirens and mermaids are in peace and alone


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her pets are a little dolphin named cia and a jellyfish without name


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she was in water when a fish red trapped her. she was transportated to land, where she escaped. then, she lost herself in the woods. long after, she tried to return to her home but she couldn´t, and in the water she met a man (kylas), that she knew could be her hero


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she sings to the sea, and the sea obeys. also, she can talk with animals, in land, and sea.

Based in article: if i were a mermaid by ronja nornes