Loona ( LOOΠΔ) is a 12 member girl group that debuted 2018 from the company BBC (blockberry creative). there was a 2 year process where they debuted each member one by one, each getting a solo song. each member is represented by a color and animal, five members also have an assigned fruit
+ Heejin is the first member and her debut song is 'Vivid' her color is hot pink and her animal is a rabbit.

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+Hyunjin is the second member who debuted with the song 'around you' her color is yellow and her animal is a cat.

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+Haseul debuted with the song 'let me in' she is the leader of loona and her color is green while her animal is a white bird

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/Yeojin is the fourth member and the maknae. Her solo song is "kiss later" her color is orange and her animal a frog.

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+Vivi is the oldest and only foreign member (from Hong Kong) her song is "everyday i love you" and her color is light pink. Her animal is a deer.

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-Kim Lip (jungeun) debuted with "eclipse" her color is red and her animal is an owl.

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-Jinsoul is the 7th member who debuted with "singing in the rain" her color is blue and her animal is a blue betta fish

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-Choerry (Yerim)'s song is "love cherry motion" her animal is a fruit bat and her color is purple. she is the first member to have a representative fruit, a cherry

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x Yves (sooyoung) is represented by a swan and the color burgundy. Her song is "new" her fruit is an apple (her name is pronounced eve)

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x Chuu (jiwoo) is probably the most well known member who debuted with "heart attack" her animal is a penguin, her color is peach and her fruit is a strawberry

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x Go Won (chaewon) debuted with "one and only" her color is eden green/mint, her animal is a butterfly and her fruit is a pineapple.

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x Olive Hye (hyejoo) is the last member and her single is "egoist" her color is silver. Her animal is a wolf and her fruit is a blood plum.

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as of now there are three units in loona. the first one is loona 1/3 which is made up of the first five members. (Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin and Vivi) Yeojin is said to officially be a member of this subunit buts not yet participated in any of their projects. the song they first released is called "love and live"

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The second unit is made up of the next 3 members (kim lip, jinsoul and choerry) and their first song is 'girl front'

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the third unit is YYXY (the x is pronounced 'by' so it is yy by y) and is made up of the last four girls (yves, chuu, go won and olivia hye) their song is luv4eva

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Their first ot12 song was 'favOrite', a gift for Orbits (the fandom) but their debut song was 'hi high' on their first album, '++'
the best way to get to know the girls is to watch loona tv, they're are currently around 400 episodes out that are approximately 1 minute each. they are the behind the scenes of photoshoots and music video filming. They are also english subbed! each single has a music video and comes out with another song that does not have a music video and often features another member (i will not be listing them here but they are easy to find)

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