hey friends here are my tips for finals!!! I know we just started the month but a lot of colleges have finals this week or next week!
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when your teacher tells you when your final is make sure you write it down and put it in your phone calendar. Sometimes I like to set due dates or exam dates earlier than they are so I give myself more time to be prepared. plan your study schedule, figure out which final is the most difficult and start studying for that first!


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study outside of your normal studying area!! for me studying in my room is perfectly fine but when I have a big work load I like to go to the library or a coffee shops! studying in a different area gives you less of a chance to procrastinate and is more effective when studying for bigger projects.


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re-writing something you have trouble remembering is the best way to remember something (personally). writing thins in blue ink or making something look pretty while writing has been proven to have higher test results!! I really enjoy re-writing things because It helps me do much better on my exams. another helpful tool is quizlet! if you're too lazy to write out flashcards then quizlet will be your best friend!!


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nothing is more frustrating when you study for a test and end up failing, most of the time this happens due to students not studying effectively. when you study you want to make sure you are retaining information . studying a night before a test will not always get you the best results but sometimes it does work, however this causes students to get stressed, lose sleep, and begin an unhealthy cycle. if you know you have a big exam coming up don't wait for the night before to study, study the material for at least an hour each day until the day of the test, I promise you, you will have a much better outcome studying this way.


I hope this was useful! good luck on your finals everyone don't forget to go subscribe to my youtube Chanel!
xoxo - Dana