Did it ever happen to you?
Knowing a relationship can’t last too long, fighting inside of you between stopping it immediately so you don’t get too attached and living it
I looked at this boy’s eyes too long I think, too long to hear his eyes screaming me not to hurt him, not to be another girl, another heartbreaker girl, he’ve had enough and he wouldn’t support that again. And I still feel the touch of his hand on my body, begging me to give him more while I was convinced it shouldn’t happen yet. It went too fast, everything went too fast and I can’t handle it
Should I trust him? Should I trust the rumors? Should I follow my heart? Or I rather follow my brain? I need help, but I'm the only one who has to decide
And when I think about it, the only question I ask myself is: in what shit have you put yourself again? And my only answer is a beautiful shit.
Hope I will not hurt him. You may ask yourself, and what about her? Don’t worry I'm used to it,
I keep telling myself it’s too cute to be true,
And for the first time since I met him, tears fall from my eyes as I’m writing this, oh don’t get me wrong, I cried a lot since we met, but nothing fell from my eyes, I was stuck in a silence, muffled by my pain…