I'm bored and i didn't know what to do so here i am. Maybe you could find some songs ;)

1. Favorite song

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I change my favorite song a lot but for the moment is Rise by Jonas blue and Thank u, next by Ariana Grande. I really like the lyrics of the songs.

2. One song you hate

"Te bote" i don't even know if that's the name of the song but i hateee it. When the song came out everyone was singing it and i actually never like it, the way the guy "sing" i don't like it.

3. Song that makes you sad

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I get sad very easily buta song that really gets me is "Secret love" by Little mix and "First man" by Camila cabello.

4. A song that reminds you to somebody

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"You've got a friend in me" From the movie Toy story. This song reminds me to my best friend.

5. A song that makes you happy

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"The pursuit of happiness" cover by Kyle and "Playinwitme" by Kyle ft. Kehlani. The lyrics of the songs are just soooo good and i fell in love in the moment i heard them.

6. A song that reminds you a specific moment

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"Sign of the times" by Harry Styles. This song reminds me to the road trip with my family. I remember this song being play in the radio and just in the perfect moment the dawn comes, it was beautiful and one of the moments that i will never going to forget.

7. A song that you know the lyrics perfectly

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"Temporary fix" by One Direction. I'm really proud of knowing the lyric because i have to say it, is fast.

8. A song that makes you dance right away

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"El payaso del rodeo" This song is played in the parties and every time i heard the song i dance i don't care where i am i have to dance it's like a button that is pressed when it sounds lol.

9. A song that helps you going to sleep

I don't know i never go to sleep with music so i don't know :/

10. A guilty pleasure song

"El color de tus ojos" by banda MS. I hate myself for knowing the lyric of this song because i don't like this type of music but this one in particular i really like it.

11. A song that you can relate to it

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"Little me" by Little mix and "Mirrors" by Niall Horan

12. A song you used to love and now you hate

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I think that everyone in the 1D fandom can relate to this.

13. A song from your favorite album

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My favorite album is 100% all the way "FLICKER" by Niall Horan. I have to say it i don't have only one favorite song because is just a great album but "You and me"

14. A song you can play with an instrument

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"Two ghost" by Harry S. With the guitar

15. A song you've sung or you'll like to sing in public

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"Why" by Shawn Mendes

16. The perfect song for driving

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I have a lots of those. But one is "Sunset lover" by petit biscuit

17. A song from your childhood

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"Las divinas" it was from a tv show i use to watch with my cousin lol

18. One song you'll like to be played on your wedding

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"Fallin' all in you" by Shawn Mendes

19. One song you'll like to be played on your funeral

I don't like to think about this shit so idk

20. A song that nobody would expect you to like it

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"American idiot" by Green day

Well now you know a bit more about my taste in music i guess
Have a great day, week, month and life :)