Hello everyone,

I'm a big lover of Christmas so in those days I'm gonna post many articles and photos about it. But now let's start!

❅The first thing you have to do is following my winter mood collection!

Okay now let's really start

❅ Decorate your home/bedroom!

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❅ Listen to Christmas music!

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❅ Watch some Christmas movies!

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❅ Put on your ugly Christmas sweater

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❅ Put some candles and lights around

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❅ Make your Christmas list!

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❅ Make a journal page about december

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❅ Spend time with your family or with those you love

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❅ Go outside and play with snow!

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❅ Prepare a hot choco or tea

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❅ Bake cookies

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❅ Go ice skating

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❅ Go and buy something to the ones you love

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❅ Make some photos for you insta feed

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❅ Do something good for others

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And that's it! Hope you've enjoyed this article!
See you in next article? Bye!

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