Summer of 9th grade - the greatest and the most unexpected thing ever happened to me and it was you. At first, I don't know you so well but I remember the first time we ever talked and it was all about surgery, what a weird way to start something with someone. I remember when I used to pass by you, when I first saw you with your friends, I thought to myself "nope, this isn't the kind of guy I'd see myself dating with." But who would've thought that few years later, I still ended up being with you.
Our story started with a hi, you were miles away from me. And I promised myself not to fall again, but it was 3 AM and we were talking about dogs, surgeries and almost everything that comes to our minds. A month has passed, still you haven't changed and I told myself, "maybe I should try and risk." All of a sudden I just found myself looking for your presence, needing your words, in other words you became a part of my daily routine. I started getting comfortable with you, I started to feel butterflies and I knew from that very day, I'm starting to catch feelings for you. Not a day passed by without us talking, not a day passed by without your message, you made everything better and clearer, you filled the void inside my heart. Do you remember when we bumped into each other at the mall? If only you knew how fast my heartbeat was, if only you noticed how my eyes sparked the moment I saw you.

You fell for me and I fell for you, at exactly 3 AM I broke the promise I made to myself, I took the risk because I want to be with you. It was not all rainbows and butterflies, since someone else fell for you too and someone told me that you made any girl feel special too, I wasn't the only one you told goodnight to, I wasn't the only one you were talking to, I wasn't the only one who fell for your flowery words, I thought everything was about to crumble right before my eyes, I thought that you would never choose someone like me, since she was prettier and way better than I am, since she is a head turner, she is someone you can show off to your friends to, while I am just a girl with a dream, not the kind that you'd be proud of, since I am just a girl that knows how to play with words. Still you chose me and I'm forever thankful for that. Remember when we first set each other's nickname? When I told you that we should idolize each other, when I first confessed using some elements from the periodic table.
Remember when we used to stay up late because our conversation just keeps on getting longer and longer and it would be a shame if we'd sleep and leave it just as it is? I miss those days when I could talk to you about everything with no hesitations. Remember when I first asked you about your family? I never realized that behind your vibrant smile was a different person longing for a mother's warmth and embrace, longing for a precious sister, longing for a family that was once complete.
The moment I loved you, I made a promised to be your comfort and warmth, be your strength and your shelter in the midst of your storm. The moment I loved you, I asked God to let me have you and cherish you. I thanked the Man above for the blessing, for your existence, for your wits and for your story. There were times when what we had got broken, there were times when we both had uncertainties, when we both thought that maybe we're much better apart but at the end of the day, we still chose each other and I think that's beautiful
You gave me comfort, warmth and clarity. You made me smile and laugh whenever I felt down and when I hit rock bottom.
Love, I may have failed to give you the comfort and love that you deserve, I may have failed to be with you during your tough times, I may have failed to make you happy and motivate you while you were at your melancholic days, I may have failed as a lover, partner and as a friend. I'm sorry if I was not enough, I'm sorry for all my failures. As days pass by, I promise that I will be better, that we will be better.
I just want to let you know that no matter what, I will always be here for you and that I don't regret spending my days with you, I don't regret staying up late with you. I just want to let you know that I will always choose you over somebody else's sunshine, I will always seek comfort in your storm than to be under somebody else's sun.
And that I'm so in love with you, every single piece of you, even your imperfections, I'm so in love with you.
I love you, my always.