Hello dear hearters!
I am currently in Dublin and as a tattoo lover, I couldn't not get a tattoo while I'm here, so that's exactly what I did. In fact, I got two!
And after the very good experience, I had in the tattoo shop, I wanted to do a review here, in case some of you were looking for good tattoo artists.
The shop is called "The Black Hat Tattoo" and it's situated in the city centre of Dublin.
The atmosphere of the shop is really welcoming and cosy and the people there are really nice.
Let's introduce you to the tattoo artists:

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If you look at his Instagram profile, you'll mostly see watercolour tattoos, which is what he does the most but he's far from being bad at other styles. To check his work out: @tattoosbymalou on Instagram.

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Her style is very diverse but from what I saw she does a lot of Neo-Traditional, to check out her work: @erabruna on Instagram

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James particularly loves working on traditional and old-school tattoos, to check out his work: @j_kennedy_tattoos on Instagram

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Sergy is really good at realistic, black and grey, neo-traditional and freehand pre-work. But he can realize anything, after 20 years of career is master many styles of tattoos. To check out his work: @blackhatsergy

I hope you found this article enlightening and if you drop by Dublin and happen to want a tattoo, maybe you can go there. If you are interested I was tattooed by Mael and he's a really nice person to be around for a few hours, especially when you are suffering and need a funny person with you to make you forget about the pain :)